Case Studies: Back and Neck


Mrs. M, a 63 year old retired Hispanic woman presented with scoliosis as diagnosed by medical doctors. Her complaints included the inability to bend forward very far, inability to sleep throughout the night due to severe back pain, low endurance and decreased tolerance of moderate amounts of movement.

Upon physical examination, it was discovered that she had a 138 to 145 degree curve of the lumbar spine which had caused her hips to twist to her left side causing an overall variance in leg length of about ¾ of an inch. This was the same determination the doctors had made regarding her diagnosis.

It was explained that, based on a number of previous cases, her case was not extremely severe and could quite easily be corrected with bodywork therapy. The total number of therapy sessions recommended would be less than six and as many as four depending in her particular case. Mrs. M was skeptical but desperate to avoid surgery. She elected to have her first therapy session performed the same day. The therapy session involved about 90 minutes of gentle but meticulous manual manipulation. During this period of time all of the misaligned vertebrae of the lumbar spine were restored to their proper natural alignment and therapy was provided for the entire spine to ensure precise alignment and symmetry. Mrs. M noted afterward that the entire process was painless.

As part of her therapy, Mrs. M was counseled on posture awareness and self-care. Before leaving the clinic she announced her decision, based on the success of her initial session, to cancel the operation she had already scheduled to surgically correct the deviation in her lumbar spine.

Upon speaking with Mrs. M a few days following her first therapy session, she emphasized the satisfaction of being able to sleep comfortably throughout the night for the first time in quite some time. She still had some residual discomfort in the lumbar area but, not the severe pain from before.

Several days after Mrs. M’s second visit, she reported that she had no back pain whatsoever. Mrs. M felt that there was no need to continue therapy because she had achieved her health goals after only two visits.

I visited with Mrs. M three months after her first therapy session. Her posture was superb. She was thrilled to demonstrate how flexible and limber she was.



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