The Right Choice

Sacred Healing Tree is a healing space… and “The Doc” is a master practitioner whose passion is people. The Doc has a long history of successfully addressing diseases that nobody else can. Call him! It’ll be the best health care decision you ever made.


  •  Business hours: By Appointment Only. Sunday thru Thursday.
  •  Convenient location: Northeast San Antonio at the corner of Toepperwein and Village Oak across from  Northeast Methodist Hospital
  •  Parking: Directly in front of the clinic for Sacred Healing  Tree marked for “Patients Only”
  •  Urgent care: The only alternative medicine clinic making special accommodations to see  clients with non-life-threatening emergencies.


  •  Formally trained at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at  Austin (AOMA)
  •  Certified by American Organization for Bodywork  Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)
  •  Recognized by Texas Department of State Health Services  (TXDSHS)


  •  Sports Medicine
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Orthopedics
  •  General Medicine
  •  Idiopathic Disease Specialist (Diseases of unknown origin)


  •  5 times faster results than chiropractic, physical therapy,  acupuncture or massage
  •  Quick, accurate assessment and maximum therapy time
  •  Avoid unnecessary surgery
  •  Methods revised according to individual need


  •  Historically, one of the safest therapies that can be applied  by a properly trained professional
  •  Non-invasive assessment and therapy
  •  Maximum results without acupuncture needles
  •  Herbs: Products are made from the best quality raw herbal  materials manufactured in a GMP compliant facility in  USA (Active Herb) or a renowned pharmaceutical GMP  certified facility in China (Guang Ci Tang).


  •  Prompt
  •  Courteous
  •  Friendly service. ” I’ll make sure you get the time you need  to express your health concerns.”
  •  Follow-ups. “I’ll go the extra mile to ensure you get the  results you expect.”

Cost effective compared to…

  •  doctor’s visits
  •  chiropractic visits
  •  physical therapy
  •  medication expenses
  •  surgery


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