What can I expect from a therapy session?

Sacred Healing Tree Therapy provides all the benefits of acupuncture, and more- without the use of needles. In fact, Sacred Healing Tree Therapy incorporates a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques with the goal of achieving optimal health. Each session is carefully tailored to the needs of the individual to safely and effectively achieve the most positive end result.

Structural- A sprained ankle may require only a single therapy session, whereby, repeated ankle or other tendon injuries may attributed to an internal deficiency requiring several months of herbal therapy. Knee, back and neck injuries require very specific technical expertise.

Internal- Conjunctivitis or “pink-eye” may require a few days of Chinese herbal therapy. Multiple Sclerosis may require many months of combined therapy to halt or reverse the effects.

Emotional- Compassion and understanding are of key importance. Proper communication takes an appropriate amount of time and diligence. Emotional balance can be achieved by addressing physical impairments.

 “From the moment you walk into the clinic, my time is your time.”

Getting down to business…

Paperwork is kept to a minimum. Only basic information and legally required paperwork are necessary. There is no need to spend time filling out lengthy forms answering dozens of impertinent questions. To maximize the use of time you will be asked a series of questions related to your condition after a pulse and tongue diagnosis. Appropriate notes pertaining to the results will be taken then.


Your health concerns are discussed with an appropriate amount of time dedicated to achieve a thorough understanding of the nature of the problem.

All diagnostic procedures at Sacred Healing Tree are non-invasive. Assessments are made according to traditional Chinese diagnostic principles (pulse taking, palpation, tongue examination, historical assessment) and any information obtained from doctors’ examinations. An accurate Chinese medical health assessment does not, however, require MRIs, X-rays or blood tests. Numerous other factors are taken into account encompassing every aspect of well-being during the course of about 20 minutes.

If referral to a medical doctor is deemed necessary, it will be done with your best interests in mind.

Diagnostic results/ explanation

The nature of one’s areas of imbalance is discussed in terms that each individual can relate to and flexible therapy options provided based on personal preference and individual need.


The human body is designed to function autonomously and maintain a homeostatic balance relative to the environment. Occasionally, imbalances resulting in illness must be corrected to restore a harmonious and adaptive health model.

The scope of treatment varies according to the length and severity of an illness or injury. Often times a single visit is all that is required to moderate an acute health condition.

Manual manipulation therapy involves lying clothed on a massage table for about 1 hour as the practitioner applies the techniques necessary to encourage the proper flow of energy (qi) and blood. Properly applied therapy re-initiates the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

During the course of a session most clients find that they are able to relax, sometimes to the point of falling asleep, because the process engages the body as a complete entity; not just an area of recognizable pain. It is during this time of relaxation that energy flows most freely and most healing occurs.

Obstructions to energy and blood flow are observed throughout the course of a session and special attention dedicated to those areas. Because the body is in a natural state of flux on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis and in accordance with environmental changes, no two therapy sessions are alike- ever.

A seven minute respite immediately following treatment allows the body time to adapt to a newly established level of health.

Herbal therapy is preferred by some clients and may be suggested as a primary therapy. This form of therapy is highly recommended for chronic conditions or in conjunction with manual therapy techniques to achieve maximum results.

Additional therapy options that may be incorporated include: moxibustion (indirect), cuppingMedical Qigong, Qigong, guasha, topical herbs, auricular (ear) therapy, aroma therapy, guided imagery, Chinese herbal and dietary recommendations, sound therapy and various forms of meditation. Each person is unique and responds differently to sources of stimulation.

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to identify specific factors that may be contributing to a state of ill health so that negative influences may be moderated or eliminated.

Environmental forces, emotional, nutritional, structural, energetic forces can all impact health in a negative way. Conversely, the very same forces can be structured to have a positive impact on well-being.

Ultimately, clients are empowered to take charge of their personal health, supported and encouraged by newly acquired and accurate health information.


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