About “The Doc”

As a child I found countless hours of enjoyment unraveling and solving puzzles of every variety. The more challenging the puzzle, the more compelled I was to solve it. That extraordinary interest combined with an innate curiosity of nature and how things work inevitably sparked my passion for deciphering the puzzles of human nature. Specifically, the development and treatment of illness.


I dedicated decades to learning everything I could about the healing arts. I strived to extract every relevant bit of information from a multitude of healing modalities. My studies eventually encompassed topics ranging from Toltec teachings to advanced Western medicine. From numerous healing modalities I plucked the most useful and cohesive techniques and principles.

I am immensely grateful to have been coached by many open, patient and compassionate teachers who have offered insight into various disciplines and humbly pointed the way to self discovery.

In my endeavor to master a variety of key disciplines I found myself embracing one crucial and inevitable discovery.

“Healing is actually a very simple and naturally occurring process.”

I have keenly observed Nature and natural phenomena for a lifetime. I found that corresponding principles apply implicitly to the human condition.

and lend infinite understanding to health, healing and the causes of illness. This level of understanding fostered a complete healing system I call Sacred Healing Tree. The name emerged primarily due to the fact that nearly all of the principles for gathering and dispersing energy for healing purposes have been cultivated from the careful observation and study of the most vital living organisms on Earth- trees.

Classically trained Chinese scholars, healers and qigong masters will emphatically argue that without a direct lineage tied to a Chinese descendant my art can have no substance because it has no “roots”. How can that be when the original masters obtained their knowledge directly from nature?

I am most notably recognized for my skills in Asian Bodywork (certified by the AOBTA in Tuina) and Medical Qigong. In fact, my combined healing knowledge and experience prompted me to create a unique system of healing; the Sacred Healing System. By adhering to the principles of the system any malady can be addressed.

to assess and effectively provide the best individualized care for idiopathic diseases, sports injuries and other traumatic conditions. My experience, however, is not limited to these conditions.

It is my personal goal to educate health care practitioners and the general public alike about viable “non-mainstream” health care options and empower individuals to take charge of their personal health and enhance the health of their loved ones. I aspire to instill public confidence in the unequivocal efficacy of incorporating positive energy and loving touch into any health restoring regimen by offering everyone the opportunity to experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Sacred Healing Tree Therapy.

In regards to my nickname, I find the story of how “The Doc” came into being particularly funny. A small group of friends and I were sitting around a campfire in the tiny town of Ingram, Texas one Thanksgiving Day and a discussion arose about Dwayne Johnson- the actor and former professional wrestler. One of my new acquaintances didn’t recognize Mr. Johnson by his real name and asked, “Who is that?” The friend sitting closest to her replied suggestively, “You know… The Rock! Everybody knows who “The Rock” is!”

Without batting an eyelash a brilliant long-time associate took the opportunity to play off of the recognizable nickname and introduced me to the newer members of the group as “The Doc”, implying that one day I would be as equally recognizable for my reputation in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The homeless with whom I’ve worked closely over the years in Austin and San Antonio came to know me affectionately as “Doc”… just because I know stuff.

Love and Light,