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Our Healing Therapy

What is Sacred Healing Tree Therapy?

Sacred Healing Tree Therapy is an eclectic form of Asian Bodywork Therapy  developed by renowned therapist Steven Blackstone.

Steven’s expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and extensive knowledge of other healing modalities led to the evolution of a practice that  includes techniques and theories that extend beyond ancient Chinese healing traditions. Sacred Healing Tree therapy embraces knowledge of modern medical concepts and technology that was not available to practitioners in ancient times. The cornerstone ideals and strategies have been meticulously revised by over the course of the last 30 years to encompass powerful and effective healing methods not included in other healing practices.

Modern medical tests provide much insight into many of today’s common illnesses. However, when combined with the knowledge of Chinese Medicine rationale of how the human body functions, very accurate health assessments can be derived and addressed very quickly. In some cases an immediate diagnosis is critical; pancreatitis or impending cardiac arrest for example. As such, the best possible treatment plan may be comprised of a combination of modern therapy and Sacred Healing Tree therapy.

Even with recent advancements in medical science, some ailments remain a complete mystery to the medical profession. Fibromyalgia is one example. Although the causes may vary, there is a plausible explanation and cure according to Chinese medical theory. Most doctors will not agree that Chinese Medicine is a viable therapy alternative because their knowledge of health and healing is limited to the field in which they were trained.

The efficacy of ancient wisdom combined with the insight provided by modern medical technology make Sacred Healing Tree a viable and valuable health care resource.

Our Healing Therapy
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