Tiger Tooth Liniment


✓One bottle
✓4 fluid ounces

Tiger Tooth Liniment is a powerful topical pain reliever made with 15 active ingredients. Ideal for overexertion, joint pains, backaches, arthritis, stiffness, sprains. Genuinely all-natural.

Tiger Tooth Liniments do not produce the "icy hot" feeling that many popular pain relief products do raising the question among those unfamiliar with Chinese herbs and their properties as to its effectiveness for alleviating pain.

The key, according to Chinese medical doctrine, to alleviating any kind of pain lies in the abundant movement of Qi and Blood.

Pain relief products that get "hot" synthesize heat which can mildly stimulate the movement of Qi and Blood to temporarily alleviate pain. The most commonly used active ingredients used in these products are camphor, menthol, peppermint oil and wintergreen oil.

Whereas, if you research the individual properties of Tiger Tooth ingredients, you will find that there are far more active ingredients. These ingredients have been meticulously measured and combined to strongly move Qi and Blood to alleviate pain and illicit healing response. No gimmicks.

In addition, the key to healing any injury quickly, safely and naturally lies in... the abundant movement of Qi and Blood.


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